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Get Paid To Manage Restaurants


This post is about the essential skills required to become a successful restaurant manager and make more money with a career in restaurant management.


If you looking for a challenging and rewarding career, restaurant management could just be the career for you.  As a manager, you will be responsible for all aspects of the business from food and beverage service to guest relations. You will also play a key role in developing menus, organizing staff schedules, and maintaining cleanliness guidelines.


To be a successful manager, it is essential to have excellent leadership skills and an understanding of industry trends. You must be able to make sound decisions quickly and handle difficult situations with tact and poise.


Manager’s Role In A Restaurant


A manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently. They are in charge of all aspects of the business, from food and beverage service to guest relations. Managers also play a key role in developing menus, organizing staff schedules, and maintaining cleanliness guidelines. In order to be successful as a manager, it is important to have excellent leadership skills and an understanding of industry trends.


Above all else, managers must be able to create positive relationships with their employees so that everyone understands their assigned tasks and responsibilities. This creates a strong work environment in which everyone can improve their performance over time.


A manager’s role in a restaurant can vary greatly depending on the type of restaurant. In fast-food restaurants, managers generally work with limited personnel and are responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied.


In sit-down restaurants, managers may have more latitude in terms of hiring and firing workers, setting prices, and making other strategic decisions. Regardless of the role, managers must be able to work well with others and have a strong knowledge of food preparation and beverage service. They should also be able to maintain discipline in a chaotic environment, as restaurants can often be noisy and busy.


Restaurant Manager


Is a Career in Restaurant Management a Good Choice?


A restaurant manager may be a good career if you like to work in the food industry and have administrative skills. This is a high-turnover, fast-paced job that requires creativity and initiative. You will need to manage staff, budget resources prudently, prepare menus and respond to customer feedback. In addition, you will need to oversee hygiene standards and make sure dishes are served hot and on time.


Some of the most common tasks that a restaurant manager may be responsible for include front-of-house management (including ordering supplies), prepping meals in the kitchen, managing cash flow, issuing receipts/bills of lading/credits card slips, overseeing inventory levels & stock rotation among other duties as needed.


If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing then it might just be worth considering becoming a restaurant manager! However, always remember that any occupation has its risks so do your research before making an investment decision.


Qualities that are desirable for a successful restaurant manager


The food business is a high-stress industry that requires individuals with strong emotional intelligence to succeed.  Here are 16 desirable qualities for success:

  1. A general manager of a restaurant should have excellent organizational skills and be able to handle multiple tasks at once with success.
  2. A good general manager should have excellent communication, leadership, managerial skills, people skills and organizational abilities.
  3. Motivating and inspiring employees to achieve their goals by developing a positive work environment
  4. Strong business sense – able to make sound business decisions that will help the restaurant thrive.
  5. Ability to lead and manage people – ensuring all employees are working towards the same goal.
  6. Detail-orientated – includes initiative, problem-solving, and creativity. Able to identify problems early on and take appropriate measures to solve them swiftly.
  7. Proven track record in the restaurant industry – having worked in a similar business for at least two years. A good understanding of what it takes to be successful in this field.
  8. Proven track record in running a restaurant successfully – having managed staff, budgeted and marketed effectively in the past.
  9. Familiarity with POS system – able to operate a restaurant management system effectively to keep track of inventory and sales.
  10. Good communication and interpersonal skills – able to work well with others, both internally and externally.
  11. The responsibilities of a manager include developing and executing plans, managing resources, and directing personnel.
  12. A restaurant manager must be able to handle multiple tasks at once and possess exceptional customer service skills.
  13. The manager is responsible for the overall operation of a restaurant as well as providing support to the owner or business partners including maintaining accurate records.
  14. Collaborates with other departments to maximise profits and ensure customer satisfaction.
  15. Acts as an ambassador for the company and its products/services to customers and other business partners.
  16. Ensures the restaurant is meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

These are just a few of the qualities you need as a successful restaurant manager.


Ways To Become A Restaurant Manager UK


There are many ways to become a restaurant manager UK, and the most important thing is to have an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you have experience in food service or not, if you’re passionate about managing restaurants then you will be successful.


Start by doing your research and learning as much as you can about the industry. This includes understanding what makes a good restaurant operator and how to attract customers. Once you’ve developed these skills, start building relationships with other operators in your area so that you can learn from them while also developing your own business model.


It’s also beneficial to develop strong leadership qualities early on in your career – this will set you apart from other candidates when it comes to interviewing for managerial positions at restaurants.


Restaurant Manager Salary


How do you become a restaurant manager UK?


Becoming a restaurant manager can be an exciting and challenging experience. It is important to have a dedication to food and catering, as well as strong organizational skills. Additionally, being proactive in managing customer interactions and acting quickly when issues arise are critical skills for success in this field.


To become a successful restaurant general manager in the UK, you will likely need degrees in hospitality or culinary management. You should also have previous restaurant management experience if possible, as it will give you an advantage over other candidates during the application process. You can also make progress to a restaurant manager’s role as a trainee and work your way up the ladder to become a General Manager.


After completing formal training programs that cover topics such as financial analysis, menu development, service delivery techniques, and more., you will be ready to start your career in the hospitality industry.


Restaurant Manager Salary


What are the average salary expectations of a restaurant manager in the UK?


In the London Area, the average salary for a Restaurant Manager is £35, 838 per year – according to Indeed.  This amount includes an additional cash compensation of £2,918 on top of this base salary.


The average salary number varies depending on location and experience, but the average salary is nothing to scoff at. Additional cash compensation can add an extra £10,000 to a Restaurant Manager’s yearly income. This compensation can come in the form of overtime pay, commissions, tips, or other benefits.


The average wage inflation in the London area over the last five years has been 2%, which means that the average wage for a Restaurant Manager has increased by around £340 per year.


The average salary for Restaurant Manager jobs is a valuable metric for employees, employers, and candidates. The salary information can be a helpful insight when assessing the viability of a career in the restaurant industry.


Average salaries for various levels of experience as Restaurant Managers in the United Kingdom. The starting salary is quite low at £21,000 but rises steadily as experience increases up to £33,089 per year.


Newly Qualified Restaurant Manager Basic Salary In The UK

Restaurant Managers who have recently completed their training can anticipate beginning their careers with starting salaries that are lower than the UK average wages for the role.


It is possible that you would need to work in the role of Restaurant Manager for a number of years before reaching the average wage in the UK.


The location and city in which you work can also play a role in determining your starting annual income, with London often providing a higher starting wage than the majority of other large cities in the world.


The typical gross and net earnings of a job might vary significantly depending on where in the United Kingdom an employee works.


Average Restaurant Manager Salary In The UK

Find Out How Much Here:

Salary by Region July 2022

Region Salary
Scotland £24,955.80
Wales £23,294.15
Northern Ireland £23,855.45
East Midlands £24,557.40
Eastern £24,879.33
London £29,690.96
North East £23,323.90
North West £24,410.95
South East £25,576.07
South West £25,095.27
West Midlands £23,770.41
Yorkshire and the Humber £23,615.29

Restaurant Manager Salaries by City July 2022

Location Salary
London £29,690.96
Belfast £22,975.30
Birmingham £26,133.60
Bradford £21,880.13
Cardiff £24,636.46
Coventry £24,753.60
Edinburgh £25,167.31
Glasgow £24,243.63
Leeds £24,377.29
Leicester £27,442.06
Liverpool £24,627.49
Newcastle upon Tyne £24,231.56
Nottingham £25,426.04
Reading £27,043.46
Sheffield £22,910.00
Sunderland £22,954.35
Wakefield £23,376.00

Figures from Glassdoor


What is the highest salary for a restaurant manager?

While the salary for a restaurant manager may vary depending on location, industry, and experience, it is generally safe to say that the highest salaries are typically earned in high-end restaurants. Indeed reported that the average salary for a restaurant manager is £40,334 per year in South West London.


Aspiring managers may want to consider pursuing a degree in food management or culinary arts. Once they have obtained this specialization, they can look into positions at more prestigious establishments where their earning potential could be even higher.


Managers who are passionate about their work and love working with people will also fare well in this field. They should be devoted to creating great experiences for their guests and maintaining cleanliness throughout the establishment. Additionally, good managers often maintain extensive knowledge of cooking techniques and seasonal trends so that they can create menus that appeal to all tastes.




The above information details the average salary for a Restaurant Manager in the UK. The overall market is competitive and getting your foot in will require sure-footedness and determination.


So, the next time you decide to apply for a new role, remember these essential points about what it takes to run a successful restaurant. While there are plenty of factors that can impact salaries, including location and industry, the pay is typically comparable across all areas of business. When working towards your dream job as a Restaurant Manager, however, it’s important to get as much experience in managing a busy restaurant as possible.


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