The Ultimate Powerful Tools For Remote Restaurant Management Operation

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Tools For Remote Restaurant Management Operation


Running a restaurant involves juggling numerous tasks simultaneously, from overseeing kitchen operations to managing staff and ensuring customer satisfaction. Traditionally, this meant being present on-site at all times. However, with technological advancements, restaurant owners and managers now have the flexibility to handle many aspects of their business remotely. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of remote restaurant management, discuss strategies for running a remote operation, and dive into how remote tools can provide tailored solutions for your restaurant’s success.

Benefits of Managing Restaurants Remotely


Embracing remote restaurant management tools offers many advantages for restaurant owners and managers:

  1. Make Data-Driven Decisions Anywhere, Anytime

With remote restaurant management solutions, you can now leverage cloud technology to access crucial business data from anywhere to stay on top of your restaurant’s operations, even if you’re not physically present on-site. Having access to data in real time can help you make well-informed decisions that have the potential to enhance your restaurant’s performance and profitability. With the flexibility of remote restaurant management solutions, you can take control of your business and drive growth more efficiently and effectively.


  1. Complete Operational Tasks Off-Premise in Real Time

With remote access to restaurant management tools, you can edit employee profiles, manage shifts, and analyse sales reports in real time from your smartphone or laptop. This capability streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.


  1. Increase Data Visibility

Cloud-based solutions provide unparalleled visibility into your restaurant’s performance metrics. Whether monitoring sales trends or tracking inventory levels, accessing real-time data from any device enables proactive decision-making and strategic planning.


  1. Manage Multiple Locations Efficiently

Remote management software offers centralised control and oversight for restaurant chains or establishments with multiple locations. By consolidating data and operations into a single dashboard, you can streamline management tasks and ensure consistency across all outlets.


The Ultimate Powerful Tools For Remote Restaurant Management Operation


Strategies for Running a Remote Operation


Implementing cloud-based technology is only the first step towards efficient remote management. Here are five strategies to optimise your remote operation:


  1. Utilise Data to Drive Decisions

Establishing a data-driven infrastructure is essential for effective remote management. Invest in front- and back-of-house technology that seamlessly integrates data collection and analysis. Using data gathered from different operational processes, you can pinpoint areas that could benefit from improvement and then implement focused strategies to address them.


  1. Build a Comprehensive Tech Stack

Technology solutions tailored to your restaurant’s needs may include a cloud-based POS system for real-time sales tracking, kitchen display systems for monitoring order fulfilment, and online ordering platforms for seamless customer interactions. Choose tools that integrate seamlessly to maximise efficiency and data accuracy.


  1. Invest in On-Site Management

While remote management offers flexibility, having a competent on-site management team is indispensable. Hire individuals with strong leadership skills, tech proficiency, and a passion for hospitality. Make sure to provide thorough training to ensure that your team can competently manage day-to-day operations even when you are not present.


  1. Mitigate Risks Proactively

Effectively mitigating risks while managing restaurant apps remotely requires taking proactive measures. Establishing robust security procedures to prevent potential dangers such as theft or workplace hazards is essential. Utilise data analytics to detect anomalies in sales or inventory, enabling prompt action to resolve any issues.


  1. Optimise Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is critical for remote operations. Invest in specialised software solutions that automate inventory tracking, minimise waste, and streamline procurement processes. Maintaining accurate inventory records and optimising supply chain management can enhance cost efficiency and minimise operational disruptions.


Tools For Remote Restaurant Management Operation


Remote Restaurant Management Tools To Boost Efficiency And Profitability


In today’s fast-paced restaurant industry, efficiency is critical to success. With the right tools and apps, you can streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to your guests. Many technology solutions are designed to meet your needs, whether managing front-of-house operations, optimising inventory management, or boosting your social media presence.


Understanding the Importance of Restaurant Technology


The restaurant industry is no exception in this age where technology is ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. It is essential to comprehend the significance of technology in the restaurant industry. According to Toast’s Restaurant Success Report, restaurants increasingly rely on technology to manage their operations effectively. The efficiency and guest experience can be significantly improved with technology. Technology is crucial in driving efficiency and enhancing guests’ experience, from scheduling and labour management to inventory tracking and social media management.


The Impact of Technology on Restaurant Operations


Advancements in restaurant technology have transformed how restaurants operate, allowing them to streamline processes and drive profitability. Research has highlighted the significance of technology in both back-of-house and front-of-house operations, with restaurant professionals emphasising the importance of accounting, payroll, business intelligence software, and regular review of sales and labour reports. Moreover, guests increasingly demand contactless/mobile payment options, pay-at-table technology, and online ordering, signalling the growing importance of technology in enhancing the dining experience.


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21 Powerful Restaurant Management Tools To Boost Efficiency And Productivity


To help you navigate the vast landscape of restaurant technology, we’ve curated a list of top productivity tools and apps that cater to various aspects of restaurant management. From scheduling and inventory management to social media marketing and customer engagement, these apps are designed to streamline operations and drive success. Let’s explore 21 restaurant management tools and apps to revolutionising and help restaurateurs operate their businesses:


  1. 7shifts

Platform: Android, iOS: 7shifts is a mobile, cloud-based scheduling and labour management platform trusted by over 250,000 restaurant professionals. It simplifies scheduling, helps manage labour costs effectively, and facilitates seamless communication among staff members.


  1. Avero

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Avero provides restaurateurs invaluable insights into business operations and sales. Integrated with your restaurant POS, it offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including server performance tracking, inventory management, and revenue optimisation.


  1. BevSpot

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: BevSpot simplifies kitchen and bar inventory management, allowing you to take inventory on any device and place orders effortlessly. It offers insights into sales performance, enabling better purchasing decisions and improved profit margins.


  1. BlueCart

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: BlueCart streamlines the ordering process by allowing you to order from all your suppliers and manage inventory directly from your phone. It simplifies shelf-to-sheet ordering, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency.


  1. Bonusly

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Bonusly incentivises restaurant staff by allowing co-workers and managers to send points redeemable for prizes and gift cards. It promotes employee recognition and boosts morale within the team.


  1. Buffer

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Buffer is a social media management app that enables you to manage all your restaurant’s social media accounts in one place. It allows you to schedule posts in advance and measure social media performance effectively.

  1. Chowly

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Chowly integrates third-party online ordering platforms with your restaurant’s point of sale, reducing errors and manual order entry. It streamlines the ordering process and enhances operational efficiency.

  1. Evernote

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Evernote helps you organise notes, tasks, and ideas across devices, allowing you to stay productive and focused. With features like attachment support and customisable notebooks, it’s a versatile tool for restaurant management.

  1. Feedly

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Feedly aggregates content from various publications into one accessible platform, keeping you updated on industry news and trends. It offers a personalised reading experience tailored to your interests.

  1. Food Cost Calculator

Platform: Web: Toast’s Food Cost Calculator provides restaurateurs with a tool to calculate food cost percentages based on actual data. It offers insights into menu pricing and ingredient costs, enabling informed decision-making.

  1. FoodDocs

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: FoodDocs is an AI-powered food safety software with a HACCP builder that helps restaurants set up food safety systems efficiently. It simplifies compliance and monitoring, saving time and ensuring regulatory adherence.

  1. Hootsuite

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Hootsuite is a social media management app that allows you to schedule posts, monitor trends, and measure performance across multiple social media accounts. It streamlines social media marketing efforts and enhances brand visibility.

  1. HotSchedules

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: HotSchedules offers a cloud-based employee scheduling, communication, and labour management solution. It reduces scheduling time and helps optimise staffing levels to minimise labour costs.

  1. IFTTT

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: IFTTT connects various apps and creates automated workflows, allowing them to communicate and share information seamlessly. It streamlines tasks and enhances efficiency by eliminating manual processes.

  1. Incentivio

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: Incentivio is a mobile-first engagement platform that helps restaurants acquire new customers and increase customer loyalty. It offers features like online ordering and digital loyalty programs to drive engagement and revenue.

  1. LastPass

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: LastPass is a password manager that securely stores and manages passwords across devices. It simplifies password management and enhances security by generating unique passwords for each account.

  1. Menu Engineering Worksheet

Platform: Web: The Menu Engineering Worksheet helps restaurant owners analyse menu profitability and make data-driven decisions. It offers insights into menu items’ pricing, popularity, and profitability, optimising menu performance.

  1. MobileDay

Platform: Android, iOS: MobileDay simplifies conference call scheduling and management by syncing with your smartphone calendar. It notifies you of upcoming meetings and lets you connect to calls with a single touch, enhancing productivity.

  1. New Steps of Service ROI Calculator

Platform: Web: The New Steps of Service ROI Calculator estimates the benefits of adopting Toast Mobile Order & Pay™, including increased revenue and reduced labour costs. It helps restaurant owners assess the potential impact of implementing new service models.

  1. OpenTable

Platform: Android, iOS, Web: OpenTable provides reservation and guest management solutions for restaurants, allowing them to manage reservations and access real-time performance insights. It automates table status updates and enhances guest experience.

  1. Order and Pay: Toast Mobile Order & Pay™ enables contactless/mobile payment and ordering, allowing guests to order and pay from their own devices. It simplifies the ordering process and frees up servers to focus on delivering exceptional service.


Best Remote Management Tools For Restaurants


Best Remote Management Tools For Restaurants


Restaurant owners and managers can leverage these tools to manage their operations with ease remotely. The tools provide a variety of functionalities that make it possible to handle different aspects of the restaurant’s operations efficiently:


Restaurant365: A comprehensive restaurant management platform offering accounting, inventory management, and analytics features.

FoodDocs: An AI-powered food safety software that helps restaurants streamline compliance and monitoring processes.

Lightspeed Restaurant: A POS system tailored for restaurants, providing tools for order management, tableside ordering, and reporting.

OpenTable: A reservation and guest management system that allows restaurants to manage bookings and access real-time performance insights.

Posist: A cloud-based POS system designed for the restaurant industry, offering features like billing, inventory management, and customer relationship management.

Square for Restaurants: Square’s restaurant-specific POS system provides tools for order management, tableside ordering, and analytics.

7shifts: A scheduling and labour management platform for restaurants, offering features like shift scheduling, labour cost optimisation, and team communication.

Aloha Cloud: NCR’s cloud-based POS system offers features like order management, reporting, and customer relationship management.

Apicbase: A restaurant management platform focused on inventory management, recipe costing, and analytics.

Chowly: An integration platform that connects third-party online ordering platforms with a restaurant’s POS system, streamlining order management processes.

Splashtop: A remote desktop software that allows restaurant owners and managers to access their systems and data remotely.

TeamViewer: Another remote desktop software that enables remote access and support for restaurant management tasks.

Toast, Inc.: A popular restaurant POS system offering features like order management, reporting, and customer engagement tools.

UpMenu: An online ordering and marketing platform tailored for restaurants, enabling them to create customised websites and manage online orders.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC): Users can utilise remote desktop software to gain access to and manage computers from a location other than the computer itself.

Customer App – Zoho Assist: A remote support software that enables restaurants to assist customers remotely.

Lavu: A POS system designed specifically for restaurants and bars, offering features like order management, tableside ordering, and reporting.


The Best Restaurant Management Software For The UK Market


Tools For Remote Restaurant Management For The UK Market:


  1. Lightspeed Restaurant:

Lightspeed Restaurant is an adaptable point-of-sale (POS) software designed specifically for restaurants that provide a variety of features to simplify operations. It offers efficient order management, tableside ordering, and reporting capabilities. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, Lightspeed Restaurant is an excellent choice for restaurants looking to enhance efficiency and customer service.


  1. OpenTable:

OpenTable is a widely used reservation and guest management system that empowers restaurants to manage bookings and optimise table occupancy. Its real-time performance insights and automated table status updates help restaurants maximise revenue and improve guest satisfaction. OpenTable is a valuable tool for restaurants seeking to enhance their reservation management processes.


  1. Square for Restaurants:

Square for Restaurants is a comprehensive POS system tailored to the restaurant industry. It offers features like order management, tableside ordering, and integrated payment processing. With its user-friendly interface and customisable options, Square for Restaurants is the perfect solution for restaurants seeking to improve their operations and boost efficiency, regardless of their size.


  1. TeamViewer:

Users can remotely access and control computers using TeamViewer, a remote desktop software. It is widely used for remote support, collaboration, and accessing files and applications from anywhere. Due to its dependable and secure connectivity, TeamViewer is an essential remote management tool for restaurant owners and managers.


  1. Virtual Network Computing (VNC):

Another software for remote desktop access and control is Virtual Network Computing (VNC). It enables users to connect and manage computers remotely. It provides a platform-independent solution for remote access, making it suitable for a wide range of devices and operating systems. With its simplicity and flexibility, VNC is a convenient option for restaurant owners and managers requiring remote systems access.


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The restaurant industry is witnessing a proliferation of technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency and improve the guest experience. Embracing remote management tools empowers restaurant owners and managers to optimise operations, increase efficiency, and drive profitability. Leveraging data-driven insights and innovative technology solutions like MarketMan, you can elevate your restaurant’s success in an increasingly competitive industry.


These tools and apps provide innovative solutions to the everyday challenges encountered by restaurant owners, spanning scheduling, inventory management, social media marketing, and customer engagement. Today, restaurant managers and owners can leverage technology to streamline their processes, increase profitability, and stay ahead in today’s digital world.


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Can remote management tools replace the need for on-site staff?

While remote management tools offer unprecedented flexibility, they complement rather than replace on-site staff. Human oversight is essential for ensuring quality service and addressing real-time unforeseen challenges.


How secure are cloud-based restaurant management systems?

Cloud-based restaurant management systems prioritise data security and employ robust encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive information. Regular security audits and updates further enhance system integrity.


Can remote management tools adapt to different types of restaurants?

Yes, remote management tools are highly adaptable and can be customised to suit various types of restaurants, from fast-casual eateries to fine dining establishments. They offer scalable solutions tailored to specific operational needs.


How do I choose the correct restaurant management tools for my business?

When selecting restaurant management tools, consider your needs, budget, and scalability. Look for solutions that offer comprehensive features, intuitive interfaces, and reliable customer support.


Are these restaurant apps compatible with different POS systems?

Many restaurant apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with various POS systems, offering flexibility and compatibility across platforms.


Can these tools help improve employee productivity and morale?

Yes, several tools offer features like scheduling optimisation, employee recognition, and performance tracking, which can boost productivity and morale within your restaurant team.